What is a diverse employee?


A diverse employee refers to an individual who is a member of a group that is underrepresented in the workplace. This can include, but is not limited to, individuals of different races, ethnicities, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations, ages, abilities, and socioeconomic backgrounds.  Diversity for us also includes diversity of thought, diversity of experiences, diversity of perspectives and diversity of ideas.

Diverse employees can bring a wide range of skills, experiences, and perspectives to the workplace, which can lead to increased creativity, innovation, and improved decision-making.   

However, they often face additional barriers and challenges in the workplace, such as unconscious bias, a lack of representation, and a lack of access to opportunities and resources.  As a result they struggle with achieving career success in whatever way you choose to define it.  They are often under or unemployed, their career advancement is stunted, they are underpaid in comparison to their peers, frequently "opt out", and even when they do get that top job, they have to work harder to stay there.    

This doesn’t have to be the case.   

At The Careers Company we have created a range of evidence-based, tried and tested tools to support organisations in addressing this issue.   

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