Career Conversation Frameworks

Sometimes Career Conversations don’t happen because other things take priority. By embedding Career Conversations into the fabric of the organisation, they are more likely to take place. 

We can help you create a framework  for different types of Career Conversations such as Mentoring, Sponsorship, Stay and Grow conversations, so that they become part of your culture.

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What You Will Get

The build out of new Career Conversations such as Mentoring, Sponsorship, Stay and Grow Conversations.  We could also work with you to enhance your existing frameworks.

Different Conversations

The frameworks help to create additional opportunities for Career Conversations to occur across organisations 

Supplemental Support

Offers supplemental support for employees from someone other than their immediate manager e.g. their mentor may have a different perspective on a career challenge or company change

Better understanding of career barriers

Mentors gain increased understanding of organisational career challenges faced by under-represented employee groups and collective talent needs 

Product Features

1. Career Conversation frameworks can enhance existing Talent Management interventions e.g. Leadership Development programmes or EDI Acceleration pathways
2. Often the Career Conversation Frameworks are supported with our Career Coaching or our Career Conversations with my team sessions

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