Career Conversations With My Team

As organisations seek to retain and develop talent for the long-term, mangers play a key role in understanding the performance and potential of your employees and supporting them in shaping career paths and career aspirations.  

Are your line managers equipped to have these conversations?

Are they playing their part in your organisation’s career development systems?

Our career coaching upskilling programmes are designed to build the capability and confidence of line managers for higher quality career conversations.

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What You Will Get

Typically half-day workshops for managers. They are a great way for managers to learn about the importance of career management for their team members and provide a safe environment to practise their newly acquired coaching skills.

Understand their role as an internal career coach  

We explore how effective career planning and development can help managers enhance performance and retain their talented team members.

Develop and practise career coaching skills  

Career coaching is different to performance coaching; the workshop will help line managers develop the skills that create the ‘safe’ environment for open and transparent career conversations.

Embed learning  

Line managers will take away a handy toolkit that can be referred to before and after career conversations so that their skills remain up-to-date and impactful.

Product Features

1. Our workshops are designed with your organisational values, ambitions and existing HR processes in mind
2. They can be delivered F2F or virtually and come with a handy toolkit
3. They can be designed and delivered as “Train the Trainer” to empower your organisation long term

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