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The Careers Company was founded by Meena Anand in 2021.  As a former FTSE 100 HR Director she realised that there are so many employees unhappy with their level of career success (we know that this varies from employee to employee). Diverse employee groups in particular are often under-employed, have greater barriers to advancement, don’t have access to the same networks or just "opt out" of the workforce altogether.   As a result organisations often fail to retain or fully leverage their very best talent.   That’s a lot of disappointment. 


It really doesn’t have to be that way.   That’s why Meena gathered together a team of friends who are experts in the world of work, to change how career development happens in organisations.  This team is the core of The Careers Company.  We also work with a number of amazing associates.  We have someone for everyone!

Meena Anand, CEO and Career Coach


Meena is a former FTSE 100 HR Director and now holds several NED roles.  Meena specialises in supporting the careers of diverse organisational groups - women, ethnically diverse, older workers and those that are neuro-divergent.

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Claudia Schlipf, Executive and Career Coach


Claudia is an HR Specialist with over 20 years experience in large, multinational organisations. Her focus areas are organisational design, change management and career and leadership development. She has a passion for working with diverse groups and in mental health. 

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Hima Vaghani, Career and Executive Coach


Hima is an expert in people development, talent management and D&I. She has over 25 years international experience working with organisations to drive their people strategy. She specialises in empowering people to achieve their potential and career goals with a particular focus on supporting women and talent from under-represented groups. 

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Ruth Cane, Executive and Career Coach


Ruth specialises in coaching future and senior leaders in the public and charity sectors to enhance their career satisfaction and balance their professional and personal goals.

She understands the complexity and pace of public and social sector leadership and has implemented many corporate coaching programmes at an individual, group and team level.

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Bryony Bennett, Editorial Team Lead


Bryony leads our editorial team, she has a degree in English and Psychology and after a varied career she is moving back into publishing.


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