Organisational Career Diagnostic

The Careers Company’s Organisational Career Diagnostic helps provides an objective analysis of the bright spots and pain points in your organisation’s systems, processes and capability to drive career success for your employees. The diagnostic process is underpinned by our holistic model which measures 4 elements of your organisational career framework providing a indication of your organisational career maturity and how you compare to the best in the industry.

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What You Will Get

A data-driven, analytical approach to understand where you are now in terms of your career development offerings and practical recommendations on where to target your career development initiatives and investment.

Deep-Dive Diagnostic

Our diagnostic process makes use of existing data and information to feed into our analysis; this is supplemented by targeted data collection methods such as surveys, focus groups and interviews. 

Comprehensive Assessment

A full, detailed report on what is working well and what can be improved in order to make your organisational career development offerings fit-for-purpose in line with your business strategy. This includes a clear rating on maturity that can be benchmarked with other organisations.

Practical Recommendations

Our expertise on what works and what doesn’t will feed into tailored and practical recommendations on where to target your time, effort and investment to enhance your organisational career offerings aligned with your employer brand and business strategy.

Product Features

  1. The Organisational Career Diagnostic is a valuable first step before developing and launching Career Conversation Frameworks
  2. It can be a powerful tool to help understand the employee experience across different demographic groups as part of your DEI initiatives
  3. It provides an objective and data-driven basis for setting your career development strategy

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