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The Careers Company is excited to partner with Would You Rather Be, a career planning AI platform. We will marry the best aspects of both organisations, joining great tech solutions with outstanding career coaching and career conversations. Through this collaboration, we will help our clients to make the best possible decisions to achieve career success and happiness. We at The Careers Company are all about great career conversations, so what is Would You Rather Be (WYRB) bringing to the partnership? We’re glad you asked! WYRB is the careers quiz fit for the 21st century, specifically designed for careers professionals and their clients. Their mission is to democratise career happiness, believing as we do, that everyone should be able to work in a career they will thrive in.

WYRB provides hyper-personalised digital support to help users explore their career options with all the relevant careers information in one place. This helps prevent them from feeling overwhelmed, and helps them to gain clear, step-by-step goals. The AI-powered software delivers insight to help users identify possible career paths and their transferable skills which will help them move into their chosen careers, and to write high quality job applications when the time comes. WYRB helps users make well-informed decisions, and their work in partnership with multiple careers professionals such as universities and now with The Careers Company, is designed to support users' career choices.

In combination with supportive career coaching and career exploration discussions, WYRB ultimately helps to improve the understanding of one's drives and capabilities, and hence enhances the chances of finding a long-term and fulfilling career path. To date, WYRB has 80,000+ users and is supported by the UK’s Department for Education through winning the Nesta’s CareerTech prize. The WYRB platform can benefit individual clients in their career change journey, as well as organisations who support students and early careers employees through career decision making.

So how does Would You Rather Be (WYRB) work? Their software is a careers mapping platform that helps users discover and get into a future-proofed career they’ll love, with hyper personalised pathways into careers calculated by award-winning AI. WYRB built their own matching algorithm based on first principles, as after in-depth research and testing, they found Holland Codes and Myers Briggs methodology outdated. At The Careers Company, one of our core values is to only use evidence-based, tried and tested tools, so we feel partnering with WYRB is a great fit with our values. For more about our core values click here.

To kick off the partnership between The Careers Company and Would You Rather Be, we have launched our new Early Career Explorer Package, which combines the WYRB careers quiz with a 90 minute career coaching session. This product will support individuals in their personal career decision making journey by providing access to the detailed WYRB career report and career pathways information, and to have a focused career coaching session with one of our qualified career coaches.


Our Early Career Explorer Package does not only benefit individual clients in their career journey. It also benefits organisations that support students and early careers employees through career decision making, whether that be in education, recruitment or development. Using our Early Career Explorer Package for their clients will enable organisations to have better insights into career related issues through accessing metadata from the WYRB platform, and from the career conversations. It will provide invaluable understanding to an organisation in how to improve existing career provisions and support their clients and staff on their career journeys more effectively.

Last but not least – so you are in no doubt that we know WYRB really is a great partner – they do not just win prizes but they also get excellent feedback. Below is a testimonial for WYRB from the Careers Development Institute (CDI): 

“I think WYRB is amazing. I see a lot of career software and I can’t think of anything that matches WYRB - it’s really, really clever. It’s easy to use and the qualities it identifies feel very accurate. I’ve never seen anything like their Pathways feature before - it’s totally unique and accessible.” - Joanne Thorniley, CDI 

Meena Anand

Meena is the Founder and CEO of The Careers Company. She also is a Non-Executive Director for a number of different organisations in the UK.  Prior to transitioning to her portfolio career, Meena enjoyed a successful international career as an HR Director for a number of FTSE 30 organisations. She has been recently recognized by Cranfield University as one of the 100 ‘Women to Watch’ in 2021 and is on the Inspire List (created by Trustees Unlimited).


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