Mental Health Awareness: In conversation with Mark Stevens

career coaching careers mental health awareness Oct 28, 2022

Watch the full interview with one of the Directors of The Careers CompanyClaudia Schlipf, in conversation with Mark Stevens, IPS Employment Support Team Manager at the NHS Trust Islington. Mark also works with Hillside a mental health charity who provide support to residents of Camden and Islington in London with mental health issues.

In this interview, we discussed lots of different topics related to #mentalhealth 


Here are 5 key areas we delivered into:

1) Mark‘s reflection of how our understanding and awareness of mental health has changed over time.

2) How employers can support mental health of their employees with training, enabling conversations and practical actions. 

3) How colleagues can help by asking “are you alright?”.

4) Why and when to disclose mental health challenges to employers 

5) The power of awareness, education, taking care and conversations.


This is an insightful conversation on how far we have come to understand mental health challenges and on how to continuously increase mental health awareness at the workplace. But it is also about how much more we still need to do to address the stigmas and misconceptions around mental health for everyone.



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