Taking the Leap: In conversation with Dr Cathy Brown

Sep 22, 2022

Watch the full interview with one of the Directors of The Careers Company, Hima, in conversation with Cathy Brown, author of the “Testing the Water” series, Occupational Psychologist and career expert. In this interview, we discussed lots of different topics related to #careertransitions. Here are 5 key areas we delved into:

1) Cathy's definition of a career and how that's changed over time

2) Cathy's own career story and how she ended up landing her first role in marketing

3) Pivotal career conversations - how purpose can help shape career paths

4) How to know if you are ready to set up your own business and branch out on your own

 5) How to manage career transitions at a psychological level

This is a must watch for anyone thinking of taking a 'leap' in their career or adjusting to a new identity that comes from a career transition. 

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