Early Careers

About to embark on your career and confused? Wondering if you have made the right career choice? Our Early Career package is aimed at school leavers and graduates to kick start their career.


What You Will Get

Each coaching relationship at The Careers Company is bespoke to the unique needs of our clients.  From a package of 6 Early Career coaching sessions, clients can expect the following possible outcomes.  Why not try us out?  Sign up for a free discovery session. 

Increased Confidence

It can feel like a big jump from school or university to your first job. Clarity of your strengths and development needs, being able to articulate your vision or identifying your personal brand can all help to build your confidence as you enter the world of work.

Choice of career path


The choices available as you start working can be overwhelming.  We have a proven process to guide and explore different career choices before your settle on one you identify with. 

Securing your first job


Our coaches can support you in navigating different application and selection processes.  After all we have hired 100s of individuals ourselves!

"Meena is an extremely effective and inspiring coach. She has displayed her strong expertise in talent development via a coaching relationship I had with her.  Meena was able to provide assistance and guidance that truly fit my individual needs. She also had a lot of empathy and was able to guide me through a crucial self-reflection process by helping me to discover the answers that are right for me. It has been a privilege to work with her."

Tulip Participant - Early Careers client


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